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When we are talking about Thai food, most people around the world would say Thai food is spicy, or in thai “phed” (Thai: เผ็ด).

Sometimes Thai food is mixed or added with chili into the food as it makes for more taste. Most of the Thai people love spicy food especially spicy soup with coconut milk and shrimp which we call “Tom Yum Kung” (Thai: ต้มยำ).



As well as this, most of Thai people have known that Boat noodles, called Kuai Tiao Ruea (Thai: ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ) is the food’s symbol of Ayutthaya and it is really famous here.  The reason that Boat noodles is famous is because in the past the merchants sold the Thai noodle soup by working from a small boat in the riverside. The merchant always served the Thai noodle soup by using the small bowl with chop sticks. If you would like to have more taste, you can add various condiment such as fish sauce, sugar, vinegar or chili powder.


However you can still see this traditional serving in Ayutthaya Floating market.  When you come to Sena, you can also eat the Boat noodles as well because it is easy to find it at the local markets.


For dessert, we always say that Thai people love eating sweet’s known as “Khanom Thai”. We always eat Thai dessert with sticky rice. This sticky rice is not a similar taste to normal sticky rice that we eat with the grilled chicken & papaya salad. This sticky rice is mixed with the coconut milk and sugar. So the taste is more sweet.


You can see how to make it in our school (Sena District) as we always teach students about how to make our Thai traditional food and dessert. So by sharing this experience with you we hope our cultural lives on.


The pictures above show some traditional of these traditional Thai dishes and just some of the thousands more.