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Special Thai Customs to be aware of…

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When we are talking about Thailand, it’s well known that Thailand has its own customs & traditions. Each year a lot of tourists come to visit  Thailand because they love to sight-see and engage in Thai culture. You might ask yourself what you need to know or how to prepare before traveling Thailand and want to expect from Thai culture. This page will show you some basic information that  might help you to prepare yourself.


Living with Buddhism:  

Thai people always stay close to their family and relatives. This includes partaking in many activities with their family such as making merit in the temples because most of the Thai people are Buddhist. When you have a trip in Thailand, you can see most of the Thai people spend their time with Buddhist activities in the temples because they believe in Buddha and “Life after Death”.  Once a week, Thai people will join the Buddhism activities with food and flowers. After that they will take their family to the temple. Sometimes Thai people go to the temples to give donations, charities, etc.  Thai people always dress up respectfully when they are in the temple because the temples don’t allow you to wear any shorts or thin clothes as it is not respectful. Sometimes you can see Thai people wear white clothes that is because  they will observe religious precepts or rite on that day. 


Party lifestyle

Thai people love to invite friends to join a party with them or their family. In the party, They will prepare food for their guests and during the party they love singing songs. It’s called “KARAOKE”. Sometimes they invite you to have the meal with their family at their house. They will cook Thai food for the guest and have light conversation.


Respect: Thai people always give a Wai as

It is a very important part of Thai traditional culture. We do it for ‘Greetings’, ‘Thank-you’ for apologizing and for showing respect. Normally a younger person will give a Wai to the elder or any person who has the same age.  But older people do not have to ‘wai’ younger people. There are 3 levels of Wai as you need to know;

        1. When respecting images of Buddah: In the temple, there will be a highlighted image or statue of Buddah located close to the temple entrance, for the method – You must put your hands together in your chest. after that you bend down your head and move your hands up at the same time, making sure that your thumbs touch between your eyebrows. Thai people believe that this respect will bring you luck.

        2. When respecting elders: When meeting someone for the first time or, in meeting someone you know from before, you should give the person a Wai in greeting. You must put your hands together in your chest, you then bend your head and move your hand up at the same time, making sure that your thumbs touch your chin and your fingers touch your nose.

         3. To get the respect from younger people: The younger people will give you a Wai as they need to show you respect. When younger people give you a Wai, you must put your hands together in your chest and you bend you head down, make sure that while you are bending your head down, your fingers touch your chin.



Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. Thai people always make a friendship by smiling first. It is for greeting the people that you don’t know as it shows how friendly and welcoming you are.

Taking off your shoes:

Outside of Bangkok, Thai people have traditional house. When you get the invitation  for visiting their house, you should take off your shoes before you walk into their home. However some houses, they arrange slippers for use inside the house. The reason that Thai people do not allow you to walk inside their house with your shoes on, is because their believe that every house has a spirit to protect the house from bad luck. If you wear shoes and walk around inside the house, it means you don’t respect the host and the spirit and is considered rude in Thai culture.



Thai people always offer their help to the other people. Sometimes you might feel uncomfortable when they offer their help a lot to you. But you must understand that it is their nature and they would like to make sure that you are happy while you are spending your time with them. If you have a problem or you need some help, you can ask for it as they are willing to help you.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]