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Transportation in Thailand is generally well organized but it can be confusing and it takes little getting used to.


Bus/van: Buses are the most efficient way to get to all parts of the country. The bus terminals are split up into regional bus stations, for inter-provincial travel. There is a north to north east bus station, a southern bus station, and a Eastern bus station. In Sena, Ayutthaya – you can use the public bus/van to travel to other provinces such as the Center of Ayutthaya, Karnjanaburi, Bangkok, Suphanburi, etc. And the bus station is not far from our school. It’s approximately 4 km.


Taxi’s : Taxis in Bangkok are very cheap by western standards. But be careful, as sometimes the driver might try to go with an increased rate with the meter turned off and that is never advised BUT can be refused by just turning them away without any hassle. However, we don’t have taxi service in Sena, we have Tuk Tuk and public motorcycle that you can be used just like the Taxi in Bangkok and the price is reasonable and it can be negotiated.


Train: Originally the trains went to every province because when the trains first came about in Thailand there were fewer provinces. Although the train is a comfortable and relaxing way to travel in a race with the inter-provincial bus is not going to be a close race, the inter-provincial bus will win. The trains in Thailand, for safety reasons, rarely travel faster than 40KM per hour.


Bicycles: A bicycle will be provided at the school in order for you to make the short hop to town and markets. They are also a great way to keep fit after eating the delicious Thai food!