Teaching course in May 2019: Package A

USD 1,100.00

Your supporting timeline;

* During the week , you will have teaching classes from Monday to Friday.

* Teaching time will start at 8.30 – 15.30 (3 hrs per day for teaching classes and 2 hrs per day for teaching preparation, plus breaks). Maximum 20 teaching hours per week.

* The main teaching subject is English but you can teach extra subject’s e.g. music, sports and computer’s if you are interested.

* You can also help/ support the  children and the school in any other subjects that you feel is of  benefit to them.  


Our supporting timeline to you as our trainee:

See the description below.

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As our trainee teacher, we will take you to visit some interesting places that generally do not show up on tourist trails.

As our trainee teacher, we will take you to visit some interesting places that generally do not show up on tourist trails.


Trip I: Kanchanaburi Province

You will see many interesting places in Kanchanaburi such as Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, The Bridge Over the River Kwai, the Elephant sanctuary, Hellfire Pass & Memorial Museum, War Museum at the Bridge and enjoy sightseeing including Erawan National Park waterfall.

Trip II : Suphan Buri Province

We will take you to go camping at the peak point of Phu Toei National Park in Suphan Buri Province to enjoy the sunrise and sunset surrounded by nature. During the day you will visit many attractive places around the town such as the National Museum of Thai Rice Farmers (the Lifestyle and Spirit of Thai Farmers Learning Center), San Chao Pho Lak Mueang, Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan, etc. We will take you to enjoy local Thai food and lifestyle at Samchuk Market which has won an award from the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco).

Trip III: Nakhonayok Province

The first place to see when you step into Nakhonayok Province, is a visit to Prammanee Temple surrounded by the shade of trees. After that we will take you to Sarika waterfall. From here, you can walk up the 9 levels of the fall. The water tumbles over the rocks and there are many drop pools where you can take a refreshing dip in the cool mountain water. Small fish swim in the water and they will take food straight from your hands. From there we will move on to Wangtakai national park to try the local food sold next to the river. Our final trip of the weekend is to Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam where the constructions makes for an impressive sight. You can go to the top of the dam and enjoy panoramic views of the spectacular scenery. Just before leaving Nakhonayok Province, we will take you to try the local fruit – Sweet Plum Mango (Maprang), Pomello and Jack Fruit.


Special trip for 5 days at Krabi Province

The first day of the special trip, you will visit the miracle at the heart of Krabi’s forest, the Emerald Pool. Nearby are many natural attractions such as The Glass Pool, Hermit Pool and Blue Pool. At nighttime, you can enjoy Krabi Walking Street for your shopping. Then we will take you to the Mud Crabs Sculpture and spend time at Tonsai Bay where there is a lot of activities you can do such as rock climbing, fire dancing, Scuba diving, etc.

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